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Why should you train with Philly Personal Training?


We’re more than just a bunch of dumbbells. We’re the only personal training studio or gym in Philadelphia to have trainers with college degrees in exercise science

No Long Contracts

No 12 month contracts or 50 session packages here. Our personal training clients enjoy month to month contracts billed via credit card

Private, Personalized Experience

Philly Personal Training only offers 1 on 1 personal training, which means you get a more personalized workout created specifically for you while avoiding gym crowds

Stellar Reputation

We don’t like to brag, but we DO have over 100 5 star reviews online from happy personal training clients we’ve helped over the years

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Our clients see results by following a simple step by step process

Initial Assesment

We'll determine your starting point on day 1 with a fitness assessment. This will determine the personalized program we give you

Personalized Workouts

Your workouts are created just for you and your current abilities and goals. We'll also cater to any injuries you may have

Workout Plans

You'll receive personalized workout plans for the days you don't meet with your trainer through our Philly Personal Training app

Follow Up Assessments

You'll have your fitness level re-evaluated during your 90 day re-assessment and your program will be modified if necessary


You'll see amazing results by following our programs, just like the hundreds of clients we've helped already!

"I'm learning a ton from Rachel and recommend her to anyone looking to really build a sustainable holistic workout regimen!"

Zainep M.

"I've been training at Philly Personal Training with Elizabeth for three months now and can't say enough good things about both the studio and Elizabeth!"

Kelly D.

"The facility is clean and up-to date. It's central location is convenient. The bathroom having a shower is a big draw. I work out before heading to the office in the morning, so that was a must."

Niles B.

"Mike knows how to provide the right amount of motivation to push me to be my best and keep going when I would normally give up if I was working out on my own, which is just what I needed."

Brianne B.

"I lift heavier weights than I did 2 months ago and I have an overall better view point of my health and fitness journey. That is all thanks to Philly Personal Training, and Shawn in particular."

Devyn Z.

"I highly recommend Shawn Irving and the whole Philly Personal Training staff. His individualized workouts, scheduling flexibility, and personality make each session fun!"

Alec H.

"If you're looking for a great gym with very professional, knowledgeable trainers, then I would definitely suggest looking into Philly Personal Training."

Connor F.

"Rachel is way more than a personal trainer; she's also part cheerleader, therapist, and motivational speaker too."

Amy N.

"I've been going to Philly Personal Training 1-2/x a week for two months now and it is worth every penny and every drop of sweat."

Linda C.

"When they say you get one on one attention, they mean it! Even if another trainer or two are with a client, Elizabeth is focused on me and the other trainers are focused on their clients."

Sarah L.

"My trainer is Elizabeth and honestly she's awesome. My 30 minute sessions fly by really quick and I get a really good workout in each time."

Lily C.

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