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Don’t waste your money on intimidating, crowded gyms with subpar personal training services.

Philly Personal Training is the only personal training studio or gym in Philadelphia that’s private and has personal trainers with degrees in exercise science.

267-455-0100 1429 Walnut Street, Suite 401 Philadelphia, PA Mon - Fri 6 am - 9 pm, Sat 9 am - 5 pm, Sun CLOSED
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What makes Philly Personal Training different from traditional gyms in Philadelphia?

  • Traditional Gyms
    • Overcrowded
    • Impersonal, intimidating atmosphere
    • Trainers with no education or experience
    • Long term contracts
    • Hidden fees
    • No accountability
  • Philly Personal Training
    • Private gym setting
    • Friendly atmosphere
    • Trainers with college degrees in exercise
    • Month to month contracts
    • No hidden fees
    • Accountability

We deliver results!

We have a perfect 5 star rating on both Google and Yelp. Check us out!


Philly Personal Training is a private gym. This means only personal trainers and their clients are in the studio. Less distractions, more results. 

Friendly Atmosphere

Because we’re a private gym, our clients get first class treatment and are always welcomed with a friendly smile when they enter the gym. 

Educated Trainers

You deserve a personal trainer who is highly educated and experienced. Philly Personal Training is the only gym in Philadelphia to require our trainers to have a college degree in exercise science.

No Long Term Contracts

Don’t be scared of the dreaded gym contract. We have month to month contracts with the client in full control of changes and cancellations. We want you to keep coming because you’re seeing results, not because you’re locked into some long term contract. 

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