Why Every Woman Should Put on 5 More Pounds Of Muscle

Another new female personal training client, another new explanation of how adding muscle will help them lose weight without looking bulky. As personal trainers in Philadelphia, we’ve had countless conversations with women about the need to add muscle by performing resistance training exercises as opposed to just doing cardio and burning calories.  We’ve had so many of these conversations that we’ve decided to just put in writing for all to see.  In this article, we’re going to explain to you how adding just 5 pounds of muscle is going to help you lose weight without making you bulky.

Weight loss really comes down to a simple mathematical equation: if you burn more calories than your body takes in, your body will lose fat, thus making you weigh less.  If your preferred method of weight loss is to go to extremes and eat a very low number of calories, your body will start to use your muscle as energy.  When your body does this, you start to lose muscle, which causes your body to actually burn fewer calories.  You see, one pound of muscle burns more calories than one pound of fat does, about 50 more calories per day actually.

So let’s say you add 5 pounds of muscle without losing any fat at all.  So now you’re actually 5 pounds heavier (don’t panic, the weight loss is coming).  So now that you have 5 more pounds of muscle, your body is going to burn about 250 extra calories per day (50 extra calories burned per day x 5 days=250 extra calories burned per day).

Not only will adding 5 pounds of muscle make you burn more calories which will help you lose weight, it will also make you appear slimmer.  A 135 pound woman with 40% body fat is going to look drastically different from a 135 pound woman with 20% body fat.  That’s because a pound of muscle is more dense than a pound of fat, meaning a pound of muscle will take us less space and make you appear thinner.

If you’re finally convinced that adding more muscle is they key to success, a personal trainer in Philadelphia is the best investment you can make to achieve your fitness goals. Contact Philly Personal Training today to get started with a personal trainer.


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