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At Philly Personal Training, we believe that you deserve top quality fitness consulting. Our staff is made up exclusively of certified personal trainers who have also earned a college degree in an exercise related field and possess a top-ranking, nationally recognized personal training certification. Unfortunately, there is very little regulation in the fitness industry. Anyone can decide to become a certified personal trainer by simply passing one test after a 1-2 day workshop. The problem with these certifications is that they cover only the most basic information and do not prepare a personal trainer for dealing with a wide array of clients. Training with a certified personal trainer of this caliber is incredibly dangerous. What sets our staff apart from the rest is the fact that we have spent years studying the science behind exercise, so we truly understand how the body reacts to different scenarios.


Our certified personal training staff works with each personal training client on an individual basis in a private setting, focusing on achieving long term fitness results through challenging and constantly varied workouts. The key to constantly improving and not hitting plateaus is not by simply doing the exercises, but in understanding how one is responding and adapting to the fitness regimen, then modifying the exercise program to provide the right personal training services to meet the client’s goals. This means adjusting the program’s exercise intensity, volume, resistance, rest, positioning and effort based on that particular client’s natural physiological response. The result is accelerated improvement of your overall strength, power, speed, dynamic flexibility, aerobic, anaerobic conditioning, body composition and enhanced appearance while avoiding injury, setbacks, and plateaus.

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