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Don’t waste your money on intimidating, crowded gyms with subpar personal training services.

Philly Personal Training is the only personal training studio or gym in Philadelphia that’s private and has personal trainers with degrees in exercise science.

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Exercise is Only Half the Battle

Philly Personal Training is proud to announce that we have partnered with registered dietitians at Family Food to guide our clients on healthy eating. By having the option to meet with a qualified registered dietitian, our personal training clients can have expert advice in both exercise and nutrition to achieve their goals.

Meet with a registered dietitian and gain control of your diet!

Why Work with a Registered Dietitian?

There’s a big difference between a nutritionist and a registered dietitian. Only a registered dietitian is accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is required to do continuing education. “Nutritionist“ is a very broad term for a nutrition professional who may end up giving you harmful advice.

Nutrition consultations can be costly if your nutritionist does not accept insurance. Family Food accepts all Philadelphia area insurances as payment for meetings with registered dietitians. This means you could get top nutrition advice for no out of pocket cost to you, and sustain your progress.

When you have your personal trainer and your registered dietitian all under one roof, you get a more cohesive effort in dealing with your fitness goal. Imagine how successful you would be if your registered dietitian and personal trainer were communicating about your exercise and nutrition needs.

If you’re a client of Philly Personal Training, meeting your trainer and your registered dietitian all under one roof couldn’t be any more convenient. Family Food will meet with all Philly Personal Training clients at our studio at 1429 Walnut Street. A central location for all your nutrition needs.

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