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The staff at Philly Personal Training is unlike any other staff of personal trainers in Center City, Philadelphia. Many gyms, fitness studios, and personal training studios shy away from talking about the credentials of their staff since usually most of the staff is educated and trained in an entirely different industry. Unfortunately, a basic certification in personal training is usually the only credential many trainers have. However, we take it one step further at Philly Personal Training. We don’t believe being a certified personal trainer is enough to show how qualified we are as trainers. Not only is every trainer on our staff certified by a nationally recognized organization, they also have a college degree in exercise science, meaning they’re highly educated and experienced in the field.

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This makes us the only personal training studio or gym in Philadelphia to require these credentials of each personal trainer. We do realize, however, that credentials alone don’t make an excellent personal trainer. A great personal trainer needs to have a great personality and be able to motivate the client. They also need to be able to keep up with the latest science and be aware of the latest trends, fads, and gimmicks that are confusing people who walk in. This is just one reason why we have such a rigorous hiring process at Philly Personal Training. Not only do we make sure each personal trainer has a degree in exercise science, but we also take them through several interviews and mock training sessions to make sure they’ll be a great fit with our clients. After they’re hired, the personal trainer is also taken through a training process that reviews proper form, assessment protocols, and more.

The personal trainer is also taken through a series of common questions a personal trainer might get and how to properly answer so our clients can have a clear understanding of the process their body is going through. This rigorous hiring process and level of education, in addition to our staff’s experience as personal trainers, makes our studio the best place to get in shape in Philadelphia, whether you’re located in Society Hill, or Rittenhouse Square. In fact, we have hundreds of glowing reviews from satisfied personal training clients who have reached their fitness goals while training at our private studio in Center City.

Our staff has helped clients of all shapes, sizes and abilities, male and female, old and young. We’ve helped clients who came in looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass, get ready for a marathon or wedding, recover from an injury, and much more. Don’t stress about wasting more money at another gym or fitness studio with a trainer who’s not committed to their field, try the best and highest rated personal training studio in Rittenhouse Square. By training with us, you’ll get the exclusive experience of working one on one with a qualified trainer in a private setting. In addition to our wonderful staff made up of both male and female trainers, we’re also convenient.

Our private studio is so centrally located, it’s convenient for clients walking from as far as University City to Society Hill. Check out each of our personal trainers on staff and see which trainer you might match up with. Unsure? No problem! Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll discuss which trainer might be the best match for you.

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