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Physical Therapy in Philadelphia

Dynamic Rehabilitation Services in Center City, Philadelphia

Philly Personal Training Physical Therapy Philadelphia

If you’ve been considering trying physical therapy in Philadelphia or have been told by a doctor that you need PT, then you need to come to Philly Personal Training. Working out alone just doesn’t cut it, nor does attending group exercise sessions where you’re treated just like everyone else. What you need to lose pounds, recover from an injury, or train for a physical event is a custom training program that’s designed by one of our educated personal trainers in Philadelphia.

physical therapy philadelphia

What is Physical Therapy?

Whether you suffered an accident, an injury, or an illness, your physical capabilities may be limited. Certain injuries and accidents can cause a permanent change in your physicality if you don’t attend physical therapy. To ensure your complete recovery, your doctor may recommend PT. Physical therapy in Philadelphia can help many individuals.

Physical therapy is a set of exercises created by physical therapists. The exercises are designed to help alleviate the pain that you’re experiencing. It also helps increase strength, flexibility, prevent future injuries, potentially ward off the need for surgery, improve balance, bowel control, adapt to an artificial limb, improve the ability to use walker or cane, and can help manage chronic illnesses like diabetes or arthritis.

Clearly, physical therapy in Rittenhouse Square can help with a lot of aspects. When performed by physical therapists, you can restore the physicality that was taken from you. Physical therapy in the Center City and Rittenhouse area can help you in a number of ways.

Increases Strength

Physical therapy in Center City, Philadelphia helps you to increase strength. Whether you had a stroke, heart attack, or suffered an injury that caused you to remain prone for a long time, your strength could be compromised. Working with physical therapists in Rittenhouse Square can help.

They’ll put together safe exercises that are custom-fit for you. That’s why working with a personal trainer is advantageous. You’re not following the same workout plan as everyone else. Instead, a personal trainer who has studied as a physical therapist in Philadelphia can make a custom-fit training regime specifically for you.

physical therapy center city philadelphia

Experienced Physical Therapists To Help You Properly Heal

No injury is the same. Nor is any therapy regime. A physical therapist working at our Center City and Rittenhouse area gym will study your abilities and then design exercises that will increase strength and return muscle mass to your body. You’ll be able to stand, walk, lift, and perform the actions that you have been struggling to do since your injury.

Improves Flexibility

Physical therapists who offer physical therapy in Center City, Philadelphia at our gym can also help improve your flexibility. This is important for several reasons. For athletes, being more flexible means, they have a less chance of injuring themselves in the future. For non-athletes, being flexible means that they are less likely to injure themselves due to an accident or an act of clumsiness.

A flexible body can correct itself without causing too much injury to itself in the process. Physical therapists in Rittenhouse Square can use manual therapy to help your body protect itself in the future.

You Can Avoid Surgery

Some accidents or injuries may require surgery if the body can’t heal itself. Physical therapy in Center City, Philadelphia may be able to avoid that scenario. Surgery is expensive and often comes with its own need for manual therapy. By regularly practicing physical therapy in Philadelphia, you can heal yourself without needing surgery.

This will not only save you money, but it can also limit the amount of trauma done to your body.

Improves Balance

Why is learning balance important? A lot of accidents can be avoided by improving your balance. With a better hold of your balance, you are at less risk of falling and hurting yourself. For those who are using artificial limbs or a walker, improving your balance could ensure you don’t injure yourself when using those items.

Helps Manage Chronic Illness

Some illnesses can make working out difficult. Our team can make an exercise regime that can help you manage your chronic illness.

Experience the Benefits of Physical Therapy in Center City, Philadelphia

There are plenty of gyms in Philadelphia. Few provide manual therapy in the Center City and Rittenhouse areas. Manual therapy can help you recover and prevent injuries in the future. Consider Philly Personal Training for physical therapy in Philadelphia when you want custom-fit exercises that will benefit you. Our experienced and educated personal trainers are devoted to alleviating your pain, improving your strength, and ensuring that your body recovers from its injury.

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