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Gym Versus Personal Training Studio, Which Is Right For You?

The first thought that typically pops into someone’s head who has decided to get into shape is, “What gym should I join?” After all, if you’re going to try to get into shape, why not go somewhere where there’s an environment for you to succeed. Equipment, classes, music...


Is Group Training the Right Choice for You?

Group training has many appealing features that may draw both avid exercisers and beginners. It can be a fun environment, more socially engaging, and less expensive than one on one training. One of the major draws to group training is that the other participants around you encourage you to push hard...


How Often Should I See A Personal Trainer?

If you’re in the market for a personal trainer — or a Pilates instructor, or any type of fitness class of any sort — you’ve probably wondered how many times per week you should attend. The answer may not be as short as you would like. There are many factors that go into making such an im...


Why Online Personal Training Doesn’t Work

The invention of the internet has made so many services easier and better for the consumer: online banking instead of having to go to the bank and writing email instead of written letters are just two ways the internet has improved services that already existed. These online services save you time,...


8 Fitness Myths That Just Won’t Die

Everywhere you go, you hear people chattering about working out and staying fit. I hear it all the time: in the grocery store, in the gym, on the sidewalks, everywhere. It never fails that I hear one person give the other person they’re with a piece of advice that’s just not true and som...

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