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Don’t waste your money on intimidating, crowded gyms with subpar personal training services.


Philly Personal Training is the only personal training studio or gym in Philadelphia that’s private and has personal trainers with degrees in exercise science.

Why is that important? The privacy our personal training studio provides allows our clients to focus on their workout and the education of our trainers allows our clients to see results faster while avoiding injury.


At Philly Personal Training, we approach each client as an individual. We never start a workout program without first going through an in-depth fitness assessment where we observe your strength, range of motion, endurance, flexibility, and many other important tests that are vital to your success as a client.


Come see what makes Philly Personal Training the highest rated personal training studio in Philadelphia!

How many times have you walked into the gym and had no idea what exercise to do, or you were scared to do it because you were afraid you’d get injured? Maybe you felt embarrassed to even try an exercise for the first time for the fear of looking foolish. What good is having access to all of this equipment if you either don’t know how to use it, or you’re scared to use it?


At Philly Personal Training, we’re more than just a gym. Gyms are crowded and impersonal with no real interest in seeing you reach your goals. Instead of being locked into another long-term gym membership that you can’t break, try Philly Personal Training. We’re different – we’re a private personal training studio with flexible month to month commitments. That means you’ll only see personal trainers and clients in our studio, no other gym members are around to distract you from your workout and take up equipment when you need it. You’ll also have the peace of mind in knowing that you’re not locked into a long term commitment. We keep our commitments short because we want to prove that we’re worth it.


When you work with our trainers, you’ll be working with a staff of trainers who will keep you accountable. When you have an appointment scheduled with your trainer, you have someone waiting for you to come in and go through your workout. Your trainer will also keep you accountable with your workouts outside of the studio with the Philly Personal Training app.


In addition to keeping you more accountable, your trainer will also possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, so you know you’re working with a real pro. In fact, we are the ONLY personal training studio or gym in Philadelphia that requires our staff to have this level of education because we believe a trainer should be judged by their knowledge of exercise and their ability to motivate clients, not by the size of their biceps. You wouldn’t hire a doctor without a medical degree or a lawyer with a law degree, so why would you take the risk of trusting your health to an individual without the proper education? An educated personal trainer will be better equipped to help you get through plateaus, overcome injuries, and prevent new injuries, all while on your way to achieving your goals.


At Philly Personal Training, we believe training in a one on one environment is the most ideal for our clients because each client is unique and deserves a personalized program and approach to their training. If you want more serious results, it’s time to start taking your workout program design more seriously by learning more about your current fitness levels, limitations, and injuries. But don’t do it alone. Our trainers will fully assess your health and fitness and discover ways to help you get into shape without risking injury. We take the time to get to know every client who walks into our studio because we feel that’s the only way to get real, lasting results.


If you’re looking for a different kind of fitness company, one that truly cares about each client they see, contact Philly Personal Training today to find out how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Why You Should Train With Philly Personal Training


All of the personal trainers on our staff have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in exercise science, so you know you're getting a more qualified and educated fitness trainer that can give you the best results


Philly Personal Training only offers one on one training, which means you get a more personalized workout created specifically for you while also avoiding intimidating gym

No Commitment

No 12 month commitments or 50 session packages here. Our clients enjoy month to month commitments billed via credit card. Changing or cancelling your package is easy!


Work out on YOUR schedule.
Since all of our training is individualized to each client, scheduling is done on your terms, not a class schedule.


Located in the heart of Center City and steps from Rittenhouse Square, we're super convenient! Whether you want to come before work, after work, or come in during your lunch break, Philly Personal Training is always close by!

Stellar Reputation

We don't like to brag, but we DO have over 100 5 star online reviews from the happy personal training clients our company has helped over the years. Check us out on Yelp and Google!

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Our clients see results by following a simple step by step process

Initial Assesment

We'll determine your starting point on day 1 with a fitness assessment. This will determine the personalized program we give you

Personalized Workouts

Your workouts are created just for you and your current abilities and goals. We'll also cater to any injuries you may have

Workout Plans

You'll receive personalized workout plans for the days you don't meet with your trainer through our Philly Personal Training app

Follow Up Assessments

You'll have your fitness level re-evaluated during your 90 day re-assessment and your program will be modified if necessary


You'll see amazing results by following our programs, just like the hundreds of clients we've helped already!

Don't take our word for it, listen to what our clients have to say!

"I'm learning a ton from Rachel and recommend her to anyone looking to really build a sustainable holistic workout regimen!"

Zainep M. from Philadelphia (Yelp)

"I've been training at Philly Personal Training with Elizabeth for three months now and can't say enough good things about both the studio and Elizabeth!"

Kelly D. from Philadelphia (Yelp)

"The facility is clean and up-to date. It's central location is convenient. The bathroom having a shower is a big draw. I work out before heading to the office in the morning, so that was a must."

Niles B. from Philadelphia (Google+)

"Mike knows how to provide the right amount of motivation to push me to be my best and keep going when I would normally give up if I was working out on my own, which is just what I needed."

Brianne B. from Philadelphia (Facebook)

"I lift heavier weights than I did 2 months ago and I have an overall better view point of my health and fitness journey. That is all thanks to Philly Personal Training, and Shawn in particular."

Devyn Z. from Philadelphia (Facebook)

"I highly recommend Shawn Irving and the whole Philly Personal Training staff. His individualized workouts, scheduling flexibility, and personality make each session fun!"

Alec H. from Philadelphia (Google+)

"If you're looking for a great gym with very professional, knowledgeable trainers, then I would definitely suggest looking into Philly Personal Training."

Connor F. from Philadelphia (Google+)

"Rachel is way more than a personal trainer; she's also part cheerleader, therapist, and motivational speaker too."

Amy N. from Philadelphia (Yelp)

"I've been going to Philly Personal Training 1-2/x a week for two months now and it is worth every penny and every drop of sweat."

Linda C. from Philadelphia (Google+)

"When they say you get one on one attention, they mean it! Even if another trainer or two are with a client, Elizabeth is focused on me and the other trainers are focused on their clients."

Sarah L. from Philadelphia (Google+)

"My trainer is Elizabeth and honestly she's awesome. My 30 minute sessions fly by really quick and I get a really good workout in each time."

Lily C. from Philadelphia (Yelp)

"This is my second month with Philly Personal Training, specifically working with Rachel, and the progress I've made has been amazing."

Brad Z. from Philadelphia (Yelp)

"Philly Personal Training is a very clean workout studio. It's small, but it doesn't feel that way since there is usually only one other client when I am training."

Makady R. from Philadelphia (Yelp)

"Almost three months ago I found Philly Personal Training (PPT) on Yelp and it has improved my life. I am forever grateful for my trainer Mike Orzolek."

Karah W. from Philadelphia (Yelp)

"If you're looking for a comfortable place to workout, with knowledge trainers and a clear commitment to clients, I highly recommend Philly Personal Training, Brian, Elizabeth and the rest of the training staff!"

Marc S. from Philadelphia (Yelp)

"Philly Personal Training’s Center City location was near me and easy to get to, and their gym clean and well-lit. There’s even a shower onsite if you need to dash off to work after an appointment.”

-Mariel F. from Philadelphia

“I just can’t say enough good things about this service. First, the personal training facility is private, well-maintained, and includes a wide variety of new equipment. I train on-site since it’s near me, and enjoy the privacy that it affords.”

Ane J. from Philadelphia

“I picked Philly Personal Training because I have a lower back condition and wanted to find out what exercises were best for me and to make sure my form was correct. Elizabeth was wonderful. She listened to my goals and was very thorough in explaining how to do each exercise and corrected my form while in the gym.”

Larissa M. from Philadelphia

“The personal training gym itself is fantastic as well. No frills, just great equipment and a huge variety of free-weights, machines, bands, etc. They keep it VERY clean, which I really appreciate. If you’ve ever considered getting a personal trainer, or are like me and always say that you’ll get to working out when things settle down in your life and you have more time (which never actually happens)….try Philly Personal Training out. BEST DECISION EVER!!!!”

-Mini M. from Philadelphia

“Brian’s holistic approach to health and well-being is tough to find nowadays. Everyone, including myself three years ago, wants quick, instant results but those are the ones that don’t last. The results I have achieved are lasting and there’s no way I will ever go back to what I used to be. I know I wouldn’t be where I am now without Philly Personal Training and for that I am beyond grateful.”

-Stephanie M. from Philadelphia

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