Don’t waste your money on intimidating, crowded gyms with subpar personal training services.

Philly Personal Training is the only personal training studio or gym in Philadelphia that’s private and has personal trainers with degrees in exercise science.

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Philly Personal Training Isn’t A Typical Gym

We’re a private personal training studio driven to provide custom results


All personal trainers on staff earned a bachelor's degree in exercise science, ensuring you'll get a more qualified and educated fitness trainer.


We only offer one on one training, which means you get a more personalized workout while also avoiding intimidating gym crowds.

Easy Billing

Clients enjoy month to month commitments billed via credit card. Adjusting your package is easy!


Work out on YOUR schedule. Since all of our training is individualized, scheduling is done on your terms, not a class schedule.


Located in Center City and steps from Rittenhouse Square, we're super convenient, whether you come before or after work, or during your lunch break.

5 Star Reputation

We don't like to brag, but we have 5 star reviews from over 100 happy personal training clients. Check out our reviews!

How Do We Get Personalized Results For Each Personal Training Client?

Private Personal Training in Philadelphia

Going to the gym is a different experience for everyone. Some people love it, some people loathe it. But regardless of what your feelings are towards the gym, everyone is there for the same reason – to get results.

Getting results means something entirely different for each person. Some people are focused on improving their general fitness. Others on weight loss or muscle building. No matter what your personal fitness goals are, you won’t achieve them if you don’t understand how to do so.

At Philly Personal Training, we know how to help you reach your goals. Each of our trainers are well educated in the field of Exercise Science and the most effective methods of training. We’ve quickly become one of the top personal training services in Philadelphia because we know the best and most effective ways to reach your fitness goals.

When you sign up with Philly Personal Training, you’ll be assigned your own personal fitness coach. Your fitness coach will begin by determining your starting point with a fitness assessment. This assessment will help us determine your personalized program and workout plan.

Once we’ve developed a fitness plan for you, your workouts will begin. You’ll have access to our private gym and receive one-on-one training with your personal trainer. Our top-notch gym and training facility is located in Center City, Philadelphia, steps away from Rittenhouse Square.

Whether you work in downtown Center City, Rittenhouse Square or the Maine Line, our top-tier facility is never too far.

Our personal trainers have flexible schedules. Whether you’re free in the morning, afternoon or evening, our training is personalized to meet your busy schedule. Your personal fitness coach will meet with you on the days you choose, and you’ll be given a workout plan to follow on the days you aren’t meeting with your coach.

Personal Trainers in Center City

While our location makes us accessible, it’s results that have made our private trainers the best in Philadelphia. We’ve received hundreds of reviews from happy clients who thrived under our private training and top fitness equipment.

Our personal trainers develop lasting bonds with their clients because of the results they achieve together. We aren’t telling you this to brag about how we’re the best private training you can find (even if it’s true), we’re telling you this to help you understand that even those who are fully dedicated to bettering their fitness wont achieve their goals if they don’t understand how.

What makes our private trainers special is they’ve studied, utilized and implemented the best training programs for different fitness goals. While other private trainers only know what’s worked for them, our personal trainers have received at least their Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and relay their expertise to their clients so they aren’t just utilizing the best fitness practices – they understand why.

If you’re tired of being intimidated by large gyms, crowded weight rooms or simply aren’t getting the results you’re looking for, we can help. Get the expert private training you deserve with Philly Personal Training without any long-term commitments on top.

Our clients enjoy month to month billing that allows them to change or cancel their packages easily. Putting your training on hold has never been easier than with Philly Personal Training because we know life is unpredictable and you shouldn’t be held to your fitness training like a prisoner.

With the help of our clients, Philly Personal Training is redefining what it means to be a fitness coach and how fitness goals are reached. Contact us today and learn more about how one of the top private training services in Philadelphia can help you reach your goals.

Our Simple Process

Our clients see results by following a simple step by step process.

We'll determine your starting point on day 1 with a fitness assessment. This will determine your personalized program.


Your workouts are created just for you and your current abilities and goals. We'll also cater to any injuries you may have.


You'll receive personalized workout plans for the days you don't meet with your trainer through our Philly Personal Training app.


You'll have your fitness level re-evaluated during your 90 day re-assessment and your program will be modified if necessary.

Philly Personal Training is Featured In

I have really enjoyed training with Matt at Philly Personal Training. He is very knowledgeable and thoughtful and always upbeat. And he is extremely dependable. It is a comfortable and professional atmosphere and Matt makes the difference.

Elizabeth Philadelphia, PA

I've trained with Rachel for almost a year and it had such a huge impact on me physically and mentally. She pushed me to change my eating habits and has made me look forward to working out. I've never been this strong or fit in my life.

Maryam Philadelphia, PA

Shawn is very flexible and accommodating with scheduling times to work out that fit with my schedule during the week and he personalizes my workouts to target the areas that I want to work on. He also will give you a variety of different exercises that you can do at home on your days off if you want.

Lindsay Philadelphia, PA

My trainer is Mike Orzolek and I'm super happy with the sessions. Not only am I definitely making progress with muscle definition, but Mike is a really cool dude who is patient with a beginner and really knows his stuff.

John Philadelphia, PA

I started training with Elizabeth M. a few weeks ago, and I am so happy with my decision! She is an awesome trainer - she keeps the workouts fun with lots of variety, and pushes me without overdoing it.

Priya Philadelphia, PA

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