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A Personal Training Program Designed Just For You!

At Philly Personal Training, you’ll get a private, personalized, 1 on 1 approach to personal training. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter, one size fits all personal training programs. All of our programs are tailored for each individual client to maximize results. Whether you’re looking to rehab from injury, train for a half marathon, stay fit during your pregnancy, or just lose a few pounds, our personal trainers can get you to your goal safely and effectively.

When you workout with one of our trainers at Philly Personal Training, you’ll get undivided, one on one attention. This means only you are the center of attention, so your trainer can correct your form, create a custom level of intensity for your sessions, spot you, and answer any specific questions you have. Working out 1 on 1 with a personal trainer has been proven to be more effective than working out in a group setting or working out alone because the entire workout is dedicated solely to you. If you’re tired of wasting time in the gym, and you’re looking for a more effective workout, try one on one sessions at Philly Personal Training.

Don’t have enough time to work out? Our very popular 30-minute workout programs get results in a shorter amount of time. We make this possible by creating workouts that are more efficient and hit multiple muscle groups at once as opposed to only performing isolated exercises, which may be inefficient with a limited amount of time. This in addition to jumping right into your workout as soon as you start your sessions, make the 30-minute workout extremely effective and popular.

Our knowledgeable trainers with degrees in exercise science can also help with injury rehabilitation. We often find that our clients weren’t previously meeting their goals on their own because they had an injury that was limiting their progress. By working with a more educated trainer with education and experience in exercise rehabilitation, you’ll not only be able to rehab your existing injury, but you’ll also be able to prevent future injuries from occurring.

The old mantra, “Location, location, location”, really rings true for our Center City studio, conveniently located in Rittenhouse Square. So whether you live in Old City, Rittenhouse Square, or University City, we’re only a short walk away! Come first thing in the morning before work, right after you get out of work, or during your lunch break. Our Rittenhouse studio is equipped with shower facilities so you can get to wherever you need to go with no time wasted!

After you contact us, we’ll respond immediately to set up your free consultation where we’ll discuss your goals, scheduling, and more. From there, we’ll figure out the right program for you and set you up with your personal trainer and schedule your fitness assessment. Your assessment is an important part of your success as a client because it tells us where you’re starting from and it tells us what we need to do to help you get to your goal.

What happens when you become a client of ours?

Initial Assesment

We'll determine your starting point on day 1 with a fitness assessment. This will determine the personalized program we give you

Personalized Workouts

Your workouts are created just for you and your current abilities and goals. We'll also cater to any injuries you may have

Workout Plans

You'll receive personalized workout plans for the days you don't meet with your trainer through our Philly Personal Training app

Follow Up Assessments

Your personal trainer will perform follow up assessments with you to ensure you're on the right path to reaching your goal


You'll see amazing results by following our programs, just like the hundreds of clients we've helped already!

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